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Ressources pédagogiques en ligne

Grammar Activities



Test de placement de niveau: 23 questions pour tester votre connaissance de la grammaire et du vocabulaire en anglais :

General grammar and vocabulary test




The Tense System


Tense Revision click on following links

Table of English tenses


Diagram of English tenses


Phrases exemple pour chaque temps



Tenses exercises online : click on the following links

Present simple elementary

Present simple or continuous elementary

Present simple or continuous elementary/ pre-inter

Present simple or present perfect continuous 1 pre-inter/inter

Present simple or present perfect continuous 2 pre-inter/inter


‘To be’ Simple past elementary

Simple past/past continuous elementary

Simple past or present perfect pre-inter/inter

Simple past or present perfect test3


Present perfect simple or continuous test 1 pre-inter/inter test1

Present perfect simple or continuous test 2


Future with ‘Will’ elementary exercises

Future with ‘Will’ elementary/pre-inter

Future with ‘Will’ elementary/pre-inter


Future with ’going to’ elementary/pre-inter exercises


Future with ‘going to’ elementary/pre-inter



Future continuous pre-inter/inter exercises


Futur antérieur


Future mix quiz elementary/pre-inter/inter


Future mix quiz 2 pre-inter/ inter


The conditionals pre-inter


Choose the right tense exercise elementary/pre-inter/inter


Tense quiz elementary/pre-inter



The prepositions : exercises


Preposition exercises elementary/pre-inter

About-at-for-to elementary/pre-inter





The ‘classics’: click on the following link to do an exercise


A little / a few

Some and Any

How much/how many


Quiz How many/any/few/little





       Miscellaneous : click on the following link to do an exercise


A or An elementary


Comparatives only elementary/pre-inter


Comparatives and superlatives elementary/pre-inter


Some other comparatives and superlatives pre-inter/inter


Phrasal verbs with ‘write’ pre-inter/inter and more


Phrasal verbs with ‘look’ pre-inter/inter


Frequently used phrasal verb list pre-inter/inter and more


Phrasal verb exercises 1. pre-inter/ inter and more


Phrasal verb exercises 2. pre-inter/inter and more


Idiomatic Expressions pre-inter/inter/upper


Idiomatic Expressions with ‘give’ pre-inter/inter/upper


The difference between Make and Do pre-inter/inter and more



The question markers elementary/pre-inter





The linking words/ mots de liaison pre-inter




The linking words 2 pre-inter/inter and more



For and Since pre-inter/inter and more


The Passive Voice elementary/pre-inter


The Modals and the Ability elementary/pre-inter


The Modals – exercises pre-inter/inter


To + Infinitif ou Gérondif


Still and Yet pre-inter/ inter






Listening Activities


Videos : click on the following link to practise listening to a video


How to speak English fluently elementary and pre-inter


How to learn English vocabulary elementary and pre-inter


How to give directions in English elementary and pre-inter


A short History of Piper Heidsieck  pre-inter/inter and higher                                               


An American in Reims pre-inter/inter and higher


Making a date elementary/pre-inter




Present continuous elementary/pre-inter


Prepositions of location elementary

How to calm someone who is angry  pre-inter/inter and higher


Prepositions and prepositional phrases pre-inter/inter and higher


How to introduce yourself elementary/pre-inter


Checking in at a hotel elementary/pre-inter


Business Vocabulary Economics term pre-inter/inter


Business Vocabulary Project Management pre-inter/inter and other


Phrasal verbs pre-inter/inter and higher


Ordering something on the phone pre-inte/inter


How to win customer loyalty pre-inter/inter and higher


How to do a british accent pre-inter/inter and higher




 Improve your listening skills: read and listen at the same time


 News and report excerpts


The News in the USA   pre-inter/inter and higher


End of US operations in Irak elementary/pre-inter and higher


Obama and US economy  pre-inter/inter and higher


World leaders and objectives in 2015 pre-inter/inter and higher


A good letter of complaint  pre-inter/inter


Andy Warhol father of pop art   elementary/pre-inter




Short story extracts


New to America  elementary/pre-inter


Haircut elementary/pre-inter


Provider overbills elementary/pre-inter


Priced to sell elementary/pre-inter


It’s just business elementary/pre-inter


Sarah went shopping elementary/pre-inter


Gasoline prices pre-inter/inter


Crazy housing prices pre-inter/inter


Put the other short stories from 110 to 110 a on paul computer?



Listening comprehension and gap filling exercises, general and business English


Click on the following links to do a listening practice


Gap filling exercise 1 pre-inter/inter


Gap filling exercise 2 pre-inter/inter


Coffee does not wake you up elementary/pre-inter


Obama writes for children elementary/pre-inter


Koran burning protest elementary/pre-inter


Chile miners elementary/pre-inter


Cameron Diaz, dangerous web search elementary/pre-inter


China, second biggest economy elementary/pre-inter


German wants revenge on world cup octopus elementary/pre-inter


Adverts on car license plates elementary/pre-inter


Nuns arrested for growing marijuana elementary/pre-inter


Subway in the sky in New-York  elementary/pre-inter


Food served by airlines elementary/pre-inter


UN and poverty on 2015 elementary/pre-inter



Business English listening conversations with scripts


Select link below and practise listening and reading


How to find a job elementary/pre-inter


Preparing job interview elementary/pre-inter


Job interview elementary/pre-inter


Asking questions at interviews elementary/pre-inter


Telephone conversation about job offer elementary/pre-inter


Talking on the phone elementary/pre-inter


Order office supplies pre-inter/inter


How to use this phone pre-inter/inter


Ask for help elementary/ pre-inter


Arranging a meeting elementary/pre-inter


Re-arranging a meeting elementary/pre-inter


Asking for permission elementary/pre-inter


Agreeing/disagreeing pre-inter/inter


Certainty/uncertainty pre-inter/inter


At the office arrangement and booking  pre-inter/inter




Extra listening activities


Dictation exercise:


Useful expression dictation 1   from pre-inter to upper inter levels


General English dictaction  from pre-inter to upper inter levels



Listening Quiz and Game : give a reply to the speaker according to the context


Do listening quiz and game     for elementary and pre-inter levels








General english vocabulary quizzes and games


Select the following link to learn new vocabulary, elementary and pre-intermediate levels



Clothes 1


Clothes 2


Les commerçants


Expressions utiles en français et anglais 1


Expressions utiles en français et en anglais 2



Les croisés et le jeu du pendu pour apprendre du vocabulaire en anglais, niveau pre-inter et inter



Mots croisés 1


Mots croisés 2


Mots croisés 3


Mots croisés 4


Pendu 1


Pendu 2


Pendu 3


Pendu 4


Pendu 5





Go and visit these websites, goldmines for business English vocabulary and lots of interesting exercise online: from pre-inter to upper-inter levels




French and English business vocabulary quizzes, enjoy! From elementary to pre-inter and inter levels




Quiz 2


Quiz 3


Quiz 4


Quiz 5


Quiz 6


Quiz 7


Quiz 8



Useful business expressions, from pre-inter to upper-inter levels


Business expressions 1


Business expressions 2


Business expressions 3



Les noms de professions from elementary to inter levels


Exercise 1


Exercise 2


 French and English  basic accounting vocabulary from pre-inter to upper inter levels

Exercise 1







For a complete course on telephoning visit the following page on the BBC learning site


Talking business and telephoning BBC



General telephoning vocabulary


Tell a person you will call back  elementary/pre-inter


Leave a message pre-inter/inter


Sending and receiving information  pre-inter/inter


Telephone interactive practice   from pre-inter to upper inter levels



Telephone quizzes


General telephone phrases  elementary/ pre-inter


Telephone messages elementary/pre-inter


Wrong number elementary/pre-inter


Telephone appointments elementary/pre-inter


Book and arrange a flight pre-inter/inter


Telephone challenge quiz



E-mail vocabulary


Asking for e-mail addresses  elementary/pre-inter


Asking for information elementary/pre-inter


Sending attachments  elementary/pre-inter


Forwarding e-mails pre-inter/inter


General e-mail sentences    pre-inter/inter


e-mail interactive practice  pre-inter/inter




Business trips



General information about business trips  elementary/pre-inter


First time trip questions elementary/pre-inter


Talking to people elementary/pre-inter


Eating during business trip elementary/pre-inter


Business trip interactive practice