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Grammar Activities

Test de placement de niveau: 23 questions pour tester votre connaissance de la grammaire et du vocabulaire en anglais

General grammar and vocabulary test

The Tense System

Tense Revision click on following links

Table of English tenses
Diagram of English tenses
Phrases exemple pour chaque temps

Tenses exercises online : click on the following links

Present simple elementary
Present simple or continuous elementary
Present simple or continuous elementary/ pre-inter
Present simple or present perfect continuous 1 pre-inter/inter
Present simple or present perfect continuous 2 pre-inter/inter
‘To be’ Simple past elementary
Simple past/past continuous elementary
Simple past or present perfect pre-inter/inter
Simple past or present perfect test3
Present perfect simple or continuous test 1 pre-inter/inter test1
Present perfect simple or continuous test 2
Future with ‘Will’ elementary exercises
Future with ‘Will’ elementary/pre-inter
Future with ‘Will’ elementary/pre-inter
Future with ’going to’ elementary/pre-inter exercises
Future with ‘going to’ elementary/pre-inter
Future continuous pre-inter/inter exercises
Futur antérieur
Future mix quiz elementary/pre-inter/inter
Future mix quiz 2 pre-inter/ inter
The conditionals pre-inter
Choose the right tense exercise elementary/pre-inter/inter
Tense quiz elementary/pre-inter

The prepositions : exercises

Preposition exercises elementary/pre-inter
About-at-for-to elementary/pre-inter

The ‘classics’: click on the following link to do an exercise

A little / a few
Some and Any
How much/how many
Quiz How many/any/few/little

Miscellaneous : click on the following link to do an exercise

A or An elementary
Comparatives only elementary/pre-inter
Comparatives and superlatives elementary/pre-inter
Some other comparatives and superlatives pre-inter/inter
Phrasal verbs with ‘write’ pre-inter/inter and more
Phrasal verbs with ‘look’ pre-inter/inter
Frequently used phrasal verb list pre-inter/inter and more
Phrasal verb exercises 1. pre-inter/ inter and more
Phrasal verb exercises 2. pre-inter/inter and more
Idiomatic Expressions pre-inter/inter/upper
Idiomatic Expressions with ‘give’ pre-inter/inter/upper
The difference between Make and Do pre-inter/inter and more
The question markers elementary/pre-inter
The linking words/ mots de liaison pre-inter
The linking words 2 pre-inter/inter and more
For and Since pre-inter/inter and more
The Passive Voice elementary/pre-inter
The Modals and the Ability elementary/pre-inter
The Modals – exercises pre-inter/inter
To + Infinitif ou Gérondif
Still and Yet pre-inter/ inter

Listening Activities

Videos : click on the following link to practise listening to a video

How to speak English fluently elementary and pre-inter
How to learn English vocabulary elementary and pre-inter
How to give directions in English elementary and pre-inter
A short History of Piper Heidsieck
An American in Reims pre-inter/inter and higher
Making a date elementary/pre-inter
Present continuous elementary/pre-inter
Prepositions of location elementary
How to calm someone who is angry pre-inter/inter and higher
Prepositions and prepositional phrases pre-inter/inter and higher
How to introduce yourself elementary/pre-inter
Checking in at a hotel elementary/pre-inter
Business Vocabulary Economics term pre-inter/inter
Business Vocabulary Project Management pre-inter/inter and other
Phrasal verbs pre-inter/inter and higher
Ordering something on the phone pre-inte/inter
How to win customer loyalty pre-inter/inter and higher
How to do a british accent pre-inter/inter and higher

Improve your listening skills: read and listen at the same time

News and report excerpts

The News in the USA pre-inter/inter and higher
End of US operations in Irak elementary/pre-inter and higher
Obama and US economy pre-inter/inter and higher
World leaders and objectives in 2015 pre-inter/inter and higher
A good letter of complaint pre-inter/inter
Andy Warhol father of pop art elementary/pre-inter

Short story extracts

New to America elementary/pre-inter
Haircut elementary/pre-inter
Provider overbills elementary/pre-inter
Priced to sell elementary/pre-inter
It’s just business elementary/pre-inter
Sarah went shopping elementary/pre-inter
Gasoline prices pre-inter/inter
Crazy housing prices pre-inter/inter

Put the other short stories from 110 to 110 a on paul computer?

Listening comprehension and gap filling exercises, general and business English

Click on the following links to do a listening practice

Gap filling exercise 1 pre-inter/inter
Gap filling exercise 2 pre-inter/inter
Coffee does not wake you up elementary/pre-inter
Obama writes for children elementary/pre-inter
Koran burning protest elementary/pre-inter
Chile miners elementary/pre-inter
Cameron Diaz, dangerous web search elementary/pre-inter
China, second biggest economy elementary/pre-inter
German wants revenge on world cup octopus elementary/pre-inter
Adverts on car license plates elementary/pre-inter
Nuns arrested for growing marijuana elementary/pre-inter
Subway in the sky in New-York elementary/pre-inter
Food served by airlines elementary/pre-inter
UN and poverty on 2015 elementary/pre-inter

Business English listening conversations with scripts

Select link below and practise listening and reading

How to find a job elementary/pre-inter
Preparing job interview elementary/pre-inter
Job interview elementary/pre-inter
Asking questions at interviews elementary/pre-inter
Telephone conversation about job offer elementary/pre-inter
Talking on the phone elementary/pre-inter
Order office supplies pre-inter/inter
How to use this phone pre-inter/inter
Ask for help elementary/ pre-inter
Arranging a meeting elementary/pre-inter
Re-arranging a meeting elementary/pre-inter
Asking for permission elementary/pre-inter
Agreeing/disagreeing pre-inter/inter
Certainty/uncertainty pre-inter/inter
At the office arrangement and booking pre-inter/inter

Extra listening activities

Dictation exercise:

Useful expression dictation 1 from pre-inter to upper inter levels
General English dictaction from pre-inter to upper inter levels

Listening Quiz and Game : give a reply to the speaker according to the context

Do listening quiz and game for elementary and pre-inter levels


General english vocabulary quizzes and games

Select the following link to learn new vocabulary, elementary and pre-intermediate levels

Clothes 1
Clothes 2
Les commerçants
Expressions utiles en français et anglais 1
Expressions utiles en français et en anglais 2



Go and visit these websites, goldmines for business English vocabulary and lots of interesting exercise online: from pre-inter to upper-inter levels

French and English business vocabulary quizzes, enjoy! From elementary to pre-inter and inter levels

Quiz 1
Quiz 2
Quiz 3
Quiz 4
Quiz 5
Quiz 6
Quiz 7
Quiz 8

Useful business expressions, from pre-inter to upper-inter levels

Business expressions 1
Business expressions 2
Business expressions 3

Les noms de professions from elementary to inter levels

Exercise 1
Exercise 2

French and English basic accounting vocabulary from pre-inter to upper inter levels

Exercise 1

For a complete course on telephoning visit the following page on the BBC learning site

Talking business and telephoning BBC

General telephoning vocabulary

Tell a person you will call back elementary/pre-inter
Leave a message pre-inter/inter
Sending and receiving information pre-inter/inter
Telephone interactive practice from pre-inter to upper inter levels

Telephone quizzes

General telephone phrases elementary/ pre-inter
Telephone messages elementary/pre-inter
Wrong number elementary/pre-inter
Telephone appointments elementary/pre-inter
Book and arrange a flight pre-inter/inter
Telephone challenge quiz

E-mail vocabulary

Asking for e-mail addresses elementary/pre-inter
Asking for information elementary/pre-inter
Sending attachments elementary/pre-inter
Forwarding e-mails pre-inter/inter
General e-mail sentences pre-inter/inter
e-mail interactive practice pre-inter/inter

Business trips

General information about business trips elementary/pre-inter
First time trip questions elementary/pre-inter
Talking to people elementary/pre-inter
Eating during business trip elementary/pre-inter
Business trip interactive practice

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